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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Daily Status

One of the ongoing frustrations for me at work is this:

Multi-core programming with Python

I had given a talk on multi-core programming with Python at Here is my talk:

I illustrated a multi-core merge sort using Python's multiprocessing module. Couldn't cover Stackless Python though!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

College students bitten by Python

The Python India community (esp. the bangpypers) had organized for a PyCon last year: Being the first of its kind in India, it had attracted a good amount of Python people from colleges!

It is interesting to see that these college students are becoming charming Pythonistas. These are the people who are going to join the startups in Bangalore and will spread Python virulently :)

I had gone there to deliver a talk on IronPython: I was the odd man out talking about Microsoft(.NET) in a conference where a majority of them were open source purists. Some of the attendees were even bashing people who were using proprietary software during presentations. I think it is just moot. As long as you either buy proprietary software or use a freeware, you are good. Using proprietary software without legally buying them or using open source software without adhering to their licensing terms are both bad.

Anyway, it was a good event, and they have even posted a video of my talk:

Great work bangpypers!